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Integrated Care

Our Story

Our story is part of what makes Figtree Family Dental so accessible. We’re real people, just like the patients we serve.

Established by Dr.Nitin Dhanani in 2019, Figtree Family Dental is the culmination of a vision Dr.Nitin has had since commencing his journey in dentistry.

Attuned to his patients’ needs, Dr.Nitin created Figtree Family Dental with a clear intention: provide a fully integrated practice that transforms how people experience dental care.

Here’s what you can expect from the Figtree Family Dental model of care.

  • Feeling you’re cared for
    We truly understand our role in supporting you and your family to achieve the best health. We care and we show it.
  • A more comfortable, pain-free dental experience
    You can relax knowing you have access to our advanced dental technology. Emerge beyond past painful dental experiences and enjoy seeing your dentist.
  • Affordable quality dental treatment
    Invest in the best care for you and your family, knowing it works for you financially
  • Integrated care that simplifies treatment
    Feel confident all your dental needs are taken care of within our unique model of integrated care.
  • Appointments that work around you
    Enjoy a simplified dental life with an appointment schedule flexible enough to meet your needs, without any compromise on care
  • Access with ease
    Whether it’s contacting us by phone, online, or just coming through our front door, expect to reach us with ease. Ample off-street parking means you’ll have a smile on your face as soon as you book your next appointment

Whether you’re here for more cosmeticlaser or general dental treatment or to maintain your oral health, we’re here to support you.

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What is integrated care?

Patients ask: What do you mean by integrated care? It’s a great question, so let’s explain.

More than a general dentist, Figtree Family Dental provides an expanded range of dental services. This means we approach your care from a broader perspective. Not only does this provide more opportunities for transformation, it also means our patients learn the value of total care.

For us integrated care how we practice dentistry. It means working to our values.

  • Being consistent :
    We maintain a consistently high standard of care and treatment for every patient, every visit.
  • Doing what we say we will :
    We’re reliable and follow through. When we commit to a task, we deliver.
  • Being committed to, and invested in, care of our patients :
    Our patient community is the reason we created Figtree Family Dental. We’re here for you.
  • Delivering the best available treatment options :
    A desire to bring the very best in treatment options means we continue to study, train and access the best technology and techniques as they become available.
dr nitin dhanani "I’ve overseen every detail of Figtree Family Dental. My vision is our patients enjoy the very best experience of integrated care through our model of modern dentistry."
Dr. Nitin Dhanani
Principal dentist, Figtree Family Dental
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