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Guided implant surgery

A better solution for missing teeth using computer guided implants ​

Dental implants are an ideal solution if you have a missing tooth or teeth. With modern dentistry, treatment solutions have advanced such that dental implants can be an aesthetically pleasing, permanent replacement for missing teeth. However, as with all dental procedures, precision and care is vital with dental implants. It’s why we offer our patients computer guided implant surgery to place implants.

Do you need a dental implant?

Although it’s possible to live without a tooth, or even multiple teeth, this does have an effect on the jaw, bite and chew function. It can even affect confidence, as many people with missing teeth feel embarrassed to smile or speak. Missing teeth that could be fixed with dental implants can also contribute to other issues, such as headaches and jaw pain. Over time, these conditions have the potential to worsen.

A dental implant works like a tooth root and is placed in the jaw. A crown is then placed on the implant, working as an artificial tooth.

Why use guided implant surgery?

Where dentists have relied on their sight and experience to place implants, computer guided dental implants allow for precision placement. Ensuring the implant is placed in the right location is vital because of the proximity to bone, nerves and other structures within the jaw.

With advances in modern dentistry, we can bring more effective solutions to our patients, choosing the MGuide guided implant system. MGuide involves several steps:

The precision with this process makes treatment more comfortable and leads to better outcomes.

Computer guided implants: a better patient experience

As with many dental procedures, we understand you may feel apprehensive about treatment. This is certainly the case for dental implants, however computer guided implants are performed more quickly, with greater ease, and with fewer complications.

Many of our patients remark on just how quickly surgery is performed. They’re even happier to discover there has been minimal or no discomfort or pain.

If you’ve ever thought about replacing a missing tooth, but have been concerned or fearful about the procedure, we encourage you to take the first step towards getting your smile back.

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