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Single and multiple tooth implants

Single or multiple tooth implants are an ideal solution for people who have missing teeth. Often feeling uncomfortable about smiling or eating, missing teeth can even cause people to avoid certain situations. Bone loss can also occur when teeth are missing, ageing your appearance. Taking steps to address these concerns with a single or multiple tooth implant can be life-changing.

Implants differ from other dental treatment options, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures in the following ways:

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Single tooth implants

If you have just one tooth missing, a single tooth implant can be used to complete your smile – without affecting the adjacent teeth. After the implant is placed, a post is attached for the custom designed crown. You can expect your dental implant to stop any loss of bone and for healthy teeth to be preserved.

Multiple tooth implants

Some patients face the challenge of multiple missing teeth, in which case, multiple tooth implants may be the most ideal solution. Multiple teeth implants are placed with individual crowns or a bridge with multiple crowns. Instead of suffering with discomfort while eating, or embarrassment because of your missing teeth, with multiple tooth implants, you can maintain your jawbone and gums.

We’ve helped transform the smiles and lives of patients with single and multiple tooth implants – and we can do the same for you. With various flexible payment arrangements available, you can enjoy the benefit of smiling with confidence again.

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