The most advanced laser treatment for
the root canal therapy

Sweeps Endodontics – Laser assisted Root Canal Therapy

Nobody relishes the prospect of root canal therapy so it is heartening to know advanced laser dental treatment is now available with Sweeps Endodontics.

In the past, root canal therapy has been an invasive – and frequently unpleasant – treatment for treating teeth that require root canal treatment. While effective in most cases, there are some limiting factors.

First, it can be difficult to clean and remove all foreign matter. There are also challenges with guaranteeing the entire affected area has been disinfected fully. In situations where this occurs, the root canal treatment may not work and the affected tooth removed.

Advanced laser dental treatment for root canal therapy helps reduce these risks by providing a better way to disinfect the canals. Compared with traditional treatment, laser dental treatment using Sweeps Endodontics is fast, effective, and minimally invasive. 

As part of your treatment, we may recommend a restoration or dental crown to strengthen the tooth once treatment has shown to be successful.

How does Sweeps Endodontics laser root canal treatment work?

Sweeps Endodontics laser root canal treatment works by first cleaning and removing foreign material from the canal using light waves. Next, the laser is used to thoroughly disinfect the area of bacteria. 

The process can be completed very quickly and usually without any anaesthetic. It is minimally invasive and creates the foundation for long term success of the treatment. The laser technology can be applied with great precision, providing reassurance to patients around safety and outcomes.

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