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Over Dentures

Missing multiple teeth and struggling with dentures? It doesn’t need to be this hard. If you’re fed up with feeling embarrassed about slipping dentures, not eating the food you enjoy, and tired of wrangling with denture adhesives, it could be time for over dentures.

What are over dentures? They are dentures which are secured to the gum with implants.

We understand the genuine frustration patients feel with dentures – particularly because they don’t stay in place. Implant supported dentures – or over dentures – are a solution to this problem.

Here’s how you can benefit from dentures which are stabilised in the mouth with dentures:

Think you might be interested in over dentures? Come and talk to us at Figtree Family Dental and we’ll explain your options.

What to expect

During your procedure for over dentures, implants are secured in the jaw. During the healing phase – usually between three and six months – your denture is modified to allow it to sit correctly over the implants.

Once healed, abutments or posts are are connected to the implants. Your denture is modified so it fixes to these posts with ease. The denture is removable, making it easy for cleaning.

Every patient’s needs are different and the only way to know if this treatment is suitable for you is to come in and ask us. With sensitivity and understanding, we’ll listen to your needs and explain your options to give you the confidence to decide what’s best for you.

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