Preventative Dentistry -
Fancy way of saying

‘check-up and clean’

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is a fancy dentist’s way of saying ‘check up and clean’

An essential ingredient in a healthy overall approach to oral hygiene, preventive dentistry is essential for keeping and maintaining teeth for life.
And it’s at the heart of the approach we take to caring for our patients.

How do we help with preventative dentistry?

While daily brushing and regular flossing are things every patient can do to maintain their oral hygiene, visiting us regularly at Figtree Family Dental is another important element.

For most people, a regular hygiene visit as part of their preventive dentistry program, is only needed every six months. However, because each person is different, we’ll advise you when we should see you next. For example, if we are working together to treat periodontal or gum disease, we may recommend more frequent visits; perhaps every three to four months. Similarly, if other health conditions could be impacting your oral health, a check and clean at shorter intervals can form part of a more comprehensive approach to managing your condition. This is particularly relevant for patients who have undergone chemotherapy or are on medications which may be prescribed for certain medical conditions. We provide the added reassurance of taking an integrated approach to your health. With your permission, we’ll coordinate with your doctor or specialist to ensure your receive the very best care.

Want to learn more about medications and how they can affect your oral health? Time to get in touch.

Preventative dentistry and children

Good oral hygiene habits start early and we encourage parents to include us in their team to educate children on the benefits of preventative dentistry.

Apart from establishing an important relationship with children to build their confidence in visiting the dentist, starting early with regular check and cleans provides the opportunity for them to learn valuable life skills. 

Proper brushing and flossing techniques can be learned and children can be encouraged by our friendly and supportive team (rather than feel their being nagged by parents!). We can help you instil these valuable behaviours into their everyday routine, setting them up for a healthier, happier life. Who knows? They may just end up enjoying it!

Parents and children can also benefit from the Child Dental Benefits Schedule which provides financial cover for dental expenses. This makes quality dental care affordable for families and is just another way you can access the preventative dentistry you need, at the time it’s needed.

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