The Figtree Family Dental team has been brought together to provide an experience of total care to our patients

Every member of our team is committed to a shared vision of quality, affordable, integrated dental care. Having worked together in practice over several years, we’re fully aligned as we aspire to

Our team is made up of our principal dentist, Dr Nitin Dhanani, our Oral Health Therapist, Mrs. Yung Starling, clinical assistants, and front desk team. Each individual has professional credentials and experience, which they build on through ongoing professional development and specialty training programs. 

Meet our team

Dr Nitin Dhanani

On making Wollongong his home, Dr. Nitin has carved a place for himself in the hearts of Figtree Family Dental patients, many of whom have followed him from Dapto Cosmetic and Family Dental Practice where he worked for over seven years.

Now having established Figtree Family Dental, Dr. Nitin is capitalizing on his 15 plus years experience and realizing his dream: create the most advanced dental clinic in Wollongong and give his patient community access to a more comprehensive range of services.

I am passionate about what I do.

When I first started dentistry, I wasn’t aware of the difference it could make to a person’s life if done well.

My idea for Figtree Family Dental is the realisation of a vision I’ve had for many years: provide an aesthetically appealing, technologically advanced dental practice. Build it in the centre of town so it’s easy to access. Make it patient-focused and affordable, and provide the highest level of care. I’m proud to say that’s exactly what my team and I are doing here at Figtree Family Dental

Mrs Yung Starling - Oral Hygiene Therapist

Yung has a wealth of experience taking care of the communities’ oral health for over 15 years. Yung has worked in practices in both Sydney and the Illawarra regions and brings a passion and experience that is highly regarded. Yung began her career in the dental industry during 2003 working in Westmead hospital.

Yung has several years of experience working as hygienist and is currently studying further to become an oral health therapist at University of Newcastle. Yung is down to earth and very approachable. Being a highly skilled dental hygienist she always puts her patients first and their health first. She endeavours to provide gentle and thorough care to all her patients, and will work with you to make sure your appointment is a comfortable experience.,

Yung has a particular interest in patient education, which she believed is the start to any improvement in oral health, and she is always keen to address any questions or concerns. She also emphasises the significance of personalised home care plans, including the demonstration of oral care products and giving dietary advice.

Yung is committed to ongoing education and has attended many seminars and post graduate courses. Her specialties are the management of gum and periodontal disease, Teeth whitening and lightening as well as caring for phobic and special needs patients. Yung enjoys cooking, cleaning and spending time with her family.

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