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Teeth Whitening

Take home whitening kits available from $250 and In-Chair Whitening $650

Teeth whitening is an affordable way to transform yellow, discoloured and stained teeth and create a brighter, more visually appealing smile.

From about 30, many people start to notice their teeth don’t appear as white as they’d like. Whether it’s a result of oral hygiene habits, smoking, or drinking beverages like red wine or coffee, the colour of teeth can be affected. For some, this can impact on confidence and leave them feeling they don’t want to smile.

If you feel concerned about the colour of your teeth and are looking for an affordable solution to enhance the appearance of your smile, teeth whitening is worth exploring.

Teeth whitening: In-chair and take home kits available

One reason teeth whitening is a popular choice for enhancing smiles is that there are flexible options to choose from. With both in-chair and take home kits available, we can recommend the ideal whitening treatment solution that suits you.

After assessing your teeth and gum health to confirm you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, we’ll present the options to you. Here are some factors around teeth whitening you’ll need to consider:

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Zoom Whitening is a teeth whitening treatment that is available as an in-chair, as well as a take home solution. We’ll explain fully how Zoom Whitening works when you come in to see us about enhancing your smile.

Unfortunately, whitening teeth is not suitable for everyone. There are several factors which determine the suitability of whitening treatment for an individual.

For example, the density of the tooth enamel plays a role in how successful whitening will be. The denser the enamel, the less chance whitening will be effective. Additionally, there are some stains or discolouration which cannot be removed. This occurs when the stains are very dark, are deep within the teeth, or caused by certain medications. If this is identified as an issue for you, we can discuss other treatment options that could work.

Want to know if teeth whitening is for you? The best way to find out is by making an appointment with Dr Dhanani. He’ll make a full assessment and discuss the options with you.

Among other things, the likelihood of treatment success will be impacted by tooth structure and enamel thickness. If the enamel of your teeth is naturally more dense, there is less chance whitening will be effective.

We’ll assess the sensitivity of your teeth before recommending teeth whitening as a solution. We’ve already mentioned that enamel density is a factor in the likely success of treatment and this applies equally to teeth where the enamel is very thin. This can make treatment uncomfortable for these patients, so if sensitivity and pain are an issue, it may be that a take home whitening treatment will work better overall for you.

One of the very reasons teeth whitening is so popular is how quickly it works. With an in-chair treatment, patients see results quickly – within an hour, in fact! However, take home whitening kits work quickly too. Although applied over one to two weeks, results are still visible from the first application.

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