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Sweeps Endodontics – Laser assisted Root Canal Therapy

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Laser Dentistry

In recent years, laser dentistry has emerged as a replacement for many traditional dentistry practices, making treatments more accurate and minimally painful. Laser dentistry enables dentists to deal with decayed teeth and gums by directing a laser light onto problematic areas.

For dental treatments such as gum surgery, using lasers in this manner can help reduce the need for other traditional dental tools, such as drills. Laser dentistry is also beneficial for reducing discomfort and treatment healing time. It can be applied in virtually every area of contemporary dental practice, including cosmetic treatments and identifying cavities. One area where laser technology is a particularly helpful treatment is periodontal disease, not least because it offers considerable advantages over traditional gum surgery.

If you are seeking experienced and affordable laser dentistry treatments in Wollongong, we are here for you.

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Is laser dentistry safe?

As dental treatments carry associated risks and laser surgery is no exception, however at Figtree Family Dental, our clinicians are highly skilled in delivering laser dentistry safely. We will explain how the laser will be used to perform treatment, mindful of the heat generated, the amount of coolant, and the time spent on any one surface. With our deep understanding of how to maximise the benefits from treatment, we take time to ensure our patients do too.

Our Laser Dentistry Treatment Options

Laser Assisted Dental Fillings

Laser dentistry is a modern alternative for dental fillings, and in many ways, it is transforming the way patients experience dental treatment. Typically, a dental filling is administered with a local anaesthetic. Additionally, drilling is used to remove decay. With laser treatment, dental fillings are less intrusive and uncomfortable. There is little requirement for anaesthetic and procedures are quicker and easier. If you are a person who experiences anxiety about dental treatment, or has concerns about pain, laser treatment means you can receive the treatment you need in a way that is minimally invasive and virtually pain-free.

Laser Assisted Root Canal Therapy with Sweeps Endodontics

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment that causes concern for many patients. Treatment for teeth needing root canal therapy involves cleaning the infected area, however this is not always easy, nor is it always straightforward to disinfect the entire area. Issues can arise as a consequence and the root canal treatment may not be successful. It could even mean the tooth must be removed.

And this is where advanced laser dental treatment for root canal therapy can help. It can reduce treatment risks by more effectively disinfecting tooth canals. It does this by cleaning and removing foreign material from the canal using light waves, then disinfecting the area. Patients who have concerns about root canal therapy can feel confident in this advanced procedure, which can be undertaken quickly and without anaesthetic, allowing you to retain your tooth.

Depending on your needs, a restoration or dental crown to strengthen the tooth after treatment may be recommended.

Looking for Laser Dentistry in Figtree Wollongong?

At Figtree Family Dental, laser dentistry is part of our vast range of the high-tech services we provide. Using the most advanced dental technology and offering sincere care, you can feel confident we’ll meet your laser dentistry needs.