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Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer – also known as a ceramic veneer – is a thin covering applied to the front surface of a tooth. Used to modify the tooth shape or colour, a porcelain veneer is a cosmetic dentistry treatment which can enhance the appearance of a tooth or teeth. It can even dramatically change the appearance of your overall smile and a face.

At Figtree Family Dental, we work with our patients who want to improve their smile and confidence by recommending dental veneers when this is an appropriate treatment pathway. The benefit of dental veneers as a treatment is that they can be applied to one tooth or a number of teeth.

The most common placement for porcelain veneers is on the front teeth as these are the most visible. However, porcelain veneers have more applications.

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I’m interested in porcelain veneers. How can Figtree Family Dental help?

As with all our cosmetic dentistry treatments, we take time to understand your specific needs. As part of our assessment for porcelain veneers, we’ll consider your natural teeth, focusing particularly on their enamel coverage. A pivotal consideration for veneers, the amount of enamel on your teeth will affect veneer bonding and durability.

Once confirming porcelain veneers are right for you, we’ll commence the treatment process. This involves preparation of the custom-made veneers using a mould of your tooth or teeth.

As part of our commitment to using only the highest quality materials, Figtree Family Dental chooses porcelain veneers for this treatment. We explain to our patients, porcelain veneers are more enduring, stronger and therefore less likely to chip or discolour. They are aesthetically stunning too, providing the veneer is positioned perfectly on the tooth to look natural. A process requiring a slight reduction in tooth size, we will factor this into the overall treatment plan.

If you’ve ever thought about enhancing your smile, talk to us about how you can achieve that with porcelain veneers. We’ll take time to explain to understand you and present the cosmetic treatment options, including porcelain veneers, which are suitable for you.

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