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Laser Assisted Dental Fillings

Laser use in dentistry, including for dental fillings, is changing the way patients experience dental treatment. Dental fillings are typically associated with needles, noisy dental drills and discomfort. With laser, dental fillings are minimally invasive. There is less need for anaesthetic and procedures are faster and easier to perform. And the bonus for those who aren’t a fan of that dental drill sound? There is no uncomfortable vibration or noise.

What are the advantages of laser assisted dental fillings?

Using laser to treat dental fillings, patients can expect the following benefits:

Certain dental fillings may still require the use of drills to complete treatment, for example, polishing a filling. Laser isn’t suitable for dental fillings located between teeth or around old fillings, nor can it be used to remove metal fillings.

Regardless of your requirements, we will explain the process for your dental filling, including whether we will use laser treatment. That way, you will fully understand what’s involved. We encourage our patients to ask questions or raise any concerns so they feel confident in our care and are happy with their results.

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Why laser dentistry for fillings?

Dr Nitin Dhanani is committed to bringing the most advanced technology to the Figtree Family Dental community. It’s why he’s sought out the appropriate training in laser dentistry that allows him to perform procedures like dental fillings with greater ease and comfort for patients. Having completed additional training, and now having several years experience in delivering laser treatment, Dr Dhanani provides certainty to patients about this modern dentistry practice.

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