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All-on-4® Implants

All On 4 implants are an effective and safe way to restore vital function and confidence in anyone who has lost several teeth.

Whether you’re troubled by loose dentures, missing or badly worn down teeth, or embarrassed about your smile, All On 4 can help. 

With the name conveying exactly what it is, All On 4 is a solution that uses four dental implants to support all teeth on either or both the upper and lower mouth. It is a dental treatment that requires surgery to place the implants and prosthodontics (the teeth).

How does All On 4 work?

The complete All On 4 treatment is staged over several months and starts with a thorough assessment of your specific needs to confirm this is the ideal pathway for you.

Step 1 - Assessment

We’ll take time to gain a full understanding of your mouth, jaw, profile, and overall health. Using x-rays, 3D imaging, and digital impressions, we gain a picture of how your mouth will look once treatment is completed. And so you’re clear about every step of the journey, a detailed treatment plan will be prepared and explained to you, including options for payment. In some cases where there are remaining teeth or signs of gum disease, treatment may be postponed until these issues have been treated.

Step 2: Implant placement

Working together with the dental laboratory, your implants will be prepared and at your first appointment, the implants will be inserted. The implants work like anchors and because only four implants are used for the full arch (instead of individual implants for each tooth), overall recovery time is reduced. Healing usually takes between three and six months. 

Step 3: Fitting implant posts

Posts or abutments are fitted to each of the implants. These act as the link between the implants and prosthetic teeth.

Step 4: Placement of dental bridge

Once the treatment areas have healed fully, the dental bridge will be placed. Using modern dental technology, your dental bridge will be created to look like natural, healthy teeth. Unlike removable dentures, All On 4 implants are fixed and allow you to eat the foods you enjoy and to smile without embarrassment.

What are the risks of All On 4 treatment?

As with all surgical procedures there are risks and consistent with our approach to providing the highest level of care, every precaution is taken to minimise or eliminate risks with invasive or surgical procedures. Risks associated with implant surgery include:

How much does All On 4 cost?

Our approach focuses on providing a tailored solution according to every patient’s needs vary, which makes it difficult to provide an exact treatment cost for All On 4 until we understand you. The importance of receiving the right treatment at the right time cannot be underestimated, that’s why we offer a number of payment options.

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