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Digital Smile Design – DSD®

Experience innovation in dentistry

Digital Smile Design provides a simple way to envision and create how your teeth and smile would look once certain cosmetic or restorative treatments have been completed. Working as a tool for designing a smile, Digital Smile Design allows us to work with you to address the issues which may be affecting your confidence, self-esteem, and function.

Digital Smile Design is ideal for people who:

  • Have missing, broken or worn teeth that affect their smile or bite and chew function
  • Understand the connection between oral health and their overall health and want to take steps to address issues which could develop into more complex and costly problems in future
  • Are considering cosmetic or restorative dental treatment and would like to have a picture of what their future smile would look like.
digital smile

We find that many people who go through the exercise of having a Digital Smile Design created, appreciate the benefit of the visual tool that empowers them to make a well informed decision about treatment.

Ready for the first step to your new smile?

How does Digital Smile Design work?

Digital Smile Design works by analysing your facial and dental features using digital photography and video. The imagery created helps us to interpret and understand the relationship between your teeth, gums, lips and other facial features. Taking this information, we’re able to devise a treatment plan specific to you.

This advancement in technology has simplified the process for transforming a person’s smile, confidence, and physical function. It’s faster too, providing both patients and dentists the information needed to plan and implement treatment more quickly and accurately.

I’m ready for a Digital Smile Design. What’s my next step?

The first step is to book an appointment for a Digital Smile Design consult.

  • Step 1 - At this appointment, we’ll take a series of photos of your teeth, mouth and face. We’ll also take a video to support the design.
  • Step 2 -A digital impression of your teeth is scanned and subsequently matched to the images of your face.
  • Step 3 - A process similar to facial mapping is completed and from here your ideal smile is created.

There are many benefits to digital smile design:

  • A smile that is in harmony with your facial structures and proportions
  • Truly customized results – no two smile designs are exactly alike
  • You know what your smile is going to look like before the start of the treatment
  • Participation in designing your own smile
  • 100% predictability – increased confidence throughout the treatment process
  • Perfectly planned treatment

Digital Smile Design is a simple and time efficient. Your appointment is usually 30 minutes and your new smile design is ready usually within a week.

Ready for the first step to your new smile?